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Purpose of website

The Business Place is a website about money, who has it, who needs it, where do you find it and how do you spend it

How do I use the website?

You can browse the website, look for as many different companies as you would like.

Why do I need to register on the website?

To communicate with

  • buyers
  • sellers
  • angel investors

To place a listing on the website
To be placed in one of our many directories

How can you sell your business on the website?

You must register on the website, determine what type of person you are, buyer, seller, broker, financier, etc. You can be one or more of these types of registrants. Investors do not pay to register on the website. There is limited time introductory offer now for brokers and sellers of businesses to use the site without having to pay for basic listings. If you would like to have a featured listings, there will be a fee even in the introductory period.

How do you contact a buyer or seller?

We have developed a internal messaging system so that you can contact a buyer or seller and still remain anonymous. You will have to provide your contact information to the buyer or seller if you want to met them.

Are there any hidden fees?

There are no hidden fees. We do not charge a brokerage fee or success fee if you are successful in buyer, selling your business or financing through our website. A broker who is registered on the website may charge a fee or any of our advertisers but these are independent of the website and we do not participate in the fees that they may charge to you for their services. The Business Place is a matchmaking website. We are just provide the facility for business people and companies to meet each other.

How can I advertise on the website?

You may send us an email to or use the contact page on the website to contact us. We are selective in the type of advertising that we will post on the website and reserve the right to decline anyone or company who we do not feel meets our standards to advertise on the website.

What is “My Business Place”?

The Business Place allows you to customize your viewing of the website. You are able to view all your listings. If you are an investor, it shows you all your listings and your investment criteria. You can edit these criteria from this page at any time. If you are listing a business for sale, your personalized dashboard allows you to see all the listings which you have made on the website. You can edit them at any time. Please note that if you have not received enquiries after a week or two, we recommend that change your listing by adding additional content so that a potential investor can obtain more information about your business before contacting you.

What are “Blocked users”?

Blocked users – should have a note beside this which says that if you receive an email from a user of the website who you no longer want to communicate with, you can block their emails which come through the website messaging system. This works as long as you have not identified your personal identity. does not reveal your identity to the users of the website. The website allows people to contact each other anonymously. You can reveal your identity at any point in time however if you do that, you have now gone outside the confidential communication system of the website and we are no longer able to block email which are sent from outside The Business Place messaging system.